Production has wrapped up on our latest album, and Other Fields is now available for streaming and download at cityofsalt.bandcamp.com. For you more hip music-listeners, it will become available on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Apple Music, etc etc sometime next month. Keep an eye out! If anyone is interested in physical copies, please send us an email:



The "Clean Air, Clean Energy, No Excuses Rally" is taking place this Saturday on February 2nd. You can find details of the event here. Us humans can only reach our full potential if we have a planet on which to do it, so I hope you'll turn out and show your support - both for Mother Earth, and for the music!

Much love,



We've launched the newsletter! You can sign up under the "Connect" section. Things will be happening fast as we get ready for our EP release and tour, and it pays to be in the know. Subscribers will receive awesome freebies like promotional art, discount CD's, and free digital tracks! Yummmmm.

If you've subscribed - thanks! If you haven't . . . why?

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In a world as connected as ours, having a website might just be the defining factor between life and death for any professional venture. We don't want to flicker and go out for such a stupid reason. While we're talented enough at what we do, website designing is not something we do. Bearing that in mind, it's easy to understand that this website is a work-in-progress, and will be for some time. We hope to have more content up very soon. Some things to look forward to:

  • A blog section
  • Photo Galleries
  • Videos
  • An email newsletter
  • A merch store

We hope you'll check back often for updates on where the band is now, and where we're going. This has been and continues to be a wild ride for us, and we'd love to have you along.

Much love,